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EVERY TIME I DIE's Andy Williams Loses His Pro Wrestling Debut Match

Posted by on March 22, 2016 at 3:23 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Every Time I Die's Andy Williams took a break from working on the band's new album this past week, to crush a fool at Smash Wrestling's Any Given Sunday 4. Said fool was pro-wrestler Tarik.

Williams came out to Integrity's “Systems Overload“ and showcased some big powermoves, including an impossible-to-fake, painful chokeslam to the apron:

Williams looked to be in great shape, throwing forearms around like he's a New Japan gaijin:

Doing the damn thing. #pythons2016 #vghc @violentgentlemen @barbellapparel

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Sadly, Andy did not leave the match victorious, but the true victory was wrestling at all:

Andy Williams vs Tarik #anygivensunday4 #ags4 #smashwrestling

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Hopefully, we'll see more of Andy in the ring. Maybe they can do a tour where Andy wrestles and plays in the same night. I hope to have Andy on my pro wrestling podcast, Squared Circle Pit soon.

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