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COUNTDOWN Returns with "The Top 10 Debut Albums In Metal" - Here's A Teaser

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Based on a reader poll, Metal Injection has compiled the 10 Best Debut Albums In Heavy Metal as voted on by you, the Metal Injection junkie! Join us on Tuesday September 13th, as we count down a new pick each week with our panel of talking heads from Nuclear Blast Records, Metal Blade Records, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Metal Injection, MetalSucks, Earache Records, and others, discussing why each album deserves a spot on the list.

Watch our previous Countdown episodes here.

Posted by Metal Injection on September 9, 2016 at 11:48 am

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  • Matt M.

    This should be pretty interesting. Looking forward to it!

  • dimished7th

    A teaser for an upcoming segment about old albums an it's a countdown list. Someone need to find new or more original content.

    • Charlottejlewis1

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  • Big Norris

    They'd better do goddamn Look What The Cat Dragged In

  • Anthony

    I can't wait for the same descriptions to be used for every album on the list:

    "It changed the game"
    "There was nothing else like it at the time"
    "They combined the ______ of this style with the ______ of this style"
    "It was so much heavier and more brutal than anything else"
    "They inspired so many copy cats but they were the original"

    Just give us the fucking list without the stupid discussions.

  • Debut or no debut, eventually you inevitably find yourself swinging back to what's true in metal: Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, (some) Metallica. And then maybe some Slayer.
    (hmm, yeah, I've been reading Gormenghast and listening to Slayer here for a while, so I might automatically mention Slayer somewhere at least once. Pay it no attention.
    umm. ….. Slayer.)