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Jared Dines Finally Uses His 18-String Guitar In A Song Called "Djent 2018"

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Jares Dines ordered himself a 17-string guitar back in October 2017 but the luthier just turned out to be a massive scam artist. Dines eventually received the awful final product and promptly beat the living piss out of it. Since then, he's had respected guitar company Ormsby build him an 18-string guitar, and he's finally created the "Djent 2018" song that he's been meaning to create this whole time.

So what do you think? Did the "Djent 2018" video live up the months-long hype, or did it fall short just like Dines' first attempt at procuring a super extended range guitar?

Posted by on April 23, 2018 at 12:17 pm