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DISTURBED Perform "The Sound of Silence" on CONAN With Full Orchestra

You already know how we feel about this track, especially if you listen to the Livecast, but here is Disturbed playing their #1 rock radio hit, "The Sound of Silence," with a full orchestra on Conan.

Posted by Metal Injection on March 29, 2016 at 12:24 pm

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  • Sloth

    Without any knowledge of this performance or the "auto-tune question" about it all over google, I listened to it for the first time "blindly" with no preconceptions (or any particular feeling of love or hate for disturbed, in fact, barely knowing who they are) yesterday, and as his vocals started picking up I asked myself "is it me or is there some not-so-subtle pitch correction on his voice?"; and as the performance continued to crescendo, I said "It can't just be me, I can hear it clear as day". So I went on google to see if I wasn't in fact going crazy, and there seems to be plenty of discussions about it. It can't just be a coincidence that so many people hear it. Like I said, no preconceptions and completely objective.

    • jazzninja1206

      I thought the same thing, which brought me here. It sounded very digital; there are a few moments in there where you can hear the program struggling to make the correction. I didn't want it to be so (okay so maybe there was a little preconception in that I really wanted a great performance), but it is in fact auto-tuned.

  • Christian

    Who doesn't use Autotune these days. Though Disturbed uses it less that some bands

  • Howard

    I was on internet specifically looking for this info (yes, "my ears lack training" :), it just sounded "too perfect". regardless, he now "owns this song" from my perspective. step aside S&G.. :) fabulous. thanks for the education.

  • Steve

    It's definitely autotuned, I'm afraid. It's possible to have a more subtle setting so that it doesn't sound as artificial as that old Cher song, for instance, but it's there alright. By the way the "percussionist is miming. The changing notes of the timpani (more than 2 notes) don't correspond with his movements between his mere 2 timpani. In fact, it's not unlikely that everyone is miming and there's just a backing track playing. (I mean they could've all been playing/singing something but the music that we hear could well just be a recording.)

  • Came in here by accident and read your comments because of boredom. Seriously, why is it that all you people can dredge up from listening to this is whether or not he is autotuned? Jesus christ you sound like jaleous housewives. What the hell is all that about? If you have ears, this performance is spectacular. Anyway, thats me talking to strangers. Bye o/

  • Just hit repeat, then you'll find out.