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TOXIC HOLOCAUST Announce Chemistry of Consciousness

Posted by on August 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Modern thrash legends Toxic Holocaust are all geared up to deliver a new record to your ears. Everyone start stretching your necks out and buy a six pack, because October is the month.

Toxic Holocaust will be releasing¬†Chemistry of Consciousness on October 29 via Relapse Records, which is also the same day that Skeletonwitch will be releasing their new album… so yeah, it's going to be on hell of a good day. There isn't any information that I'm able to find that says who mastered the album, but the Lord himself Mr. Kurt Ballou mixed the album, just like everything else that has come out in the past year apparently. Seriously though, can't wait for the singles for the album to come out! Toxic Holocaust do sick work. Really sick work.

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