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REVOCATION Guitarist Says Forthcoming Album Is "Most Death Metal Album To Date"

Posted by on November 13, 2017 at 2:30 pm

Revocation is generally good for a new album every one or two years and they're always phenomenal. 2017 didn't produce a new one, but according to guitarist and frontman Dave Davidson in an interview with Ghost Cult Magazine, there will absolutely be one in 2018.

More importantly, it'll be the band's "most death metal album to date" and also "super progressive." Just in case you didn't think Revocation could get any more insane.

We are writing new material right now. We got a lot of cool songs in the works. I’m really excited about the new material. We’ve definitely been on a trend of getting more and more death metal on each release, and I think it’s gonna continue on that path. This is probably going to be our most death metal album to date. It’s also super progressive though. It’s going to be like a mean, progressive death metal record, with some thrash elements thrown in. I’m stoked on it.

Davidson also reveals he has a side-project brewing with Ayahuasca frontman and guitarist Berserk Lout, which "sounds like a weird amalgamation of avant-garde influences like Virus, some cool hooky vocal melodies, like some parts remind me of Alice In Chains, some parts remind me of Faith No More." He adds that the band isn't even fully rounded out yet and has no idea when that'll be taking place, so don't get too stoked just yet.

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