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ALL SHALL PERISH Begin Writing New Album

Posted on November 10, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

All Shall Perish on Halloween 2010

All Shall Perish are writing a new album! So says guitarist Ben Orum who has released the following statement:

After two very successful tours at home and abroad, we are now home writing the new All Shall Perish record! The writing process is flowing very naturally, and so far the material itself is very impressive. It is safe to say this will be one of the most aggressive, epic, groovy records we have ever written. I cannot wait to start playing this material live.

Sounds exciting. We here at the Metal Injection Studios were big fans of where the band took their last record, Awaken The Dreamers and are excited where the band will take things now that they have two new members on board: guitarist Francesco Artusato and drummer (and wise neck decision maker) Adam Pierce. Both members proved quite competent in a live setting, and when we interviewed the band earlier this year, there was definitely a chemistry between all the members (no homo…well, maybe). Consider me pumped to hear this new stuff.

On a related note, the band played a recent Halloween show in full Super Mario Bros. costume. Everybody looks darn sexy. Check out the entire gallery on their Facebook page.

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