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Early impressions of first new ATHEIST songs in 17 years

Posted on September 5, 2010

atheist jupiterIf you're lucky, you've caught their reunion shows. If you're web-savvy, you've seen the badass artwork for their upcoming album. And if you're a metal blogger, you may have heard a two-song sampler from Jupiter, the first new album from Florida tech death pioneers ATHEIST since Elements, which hit stores when Jurassic Park was still in theaters.

Oh, so you want to know how it sounds?

First is "Second to Sun," reportedly the kick-off track on Jupiter. It rushes from a herky-jerky opening riff into a siren-esque scale, the latter guitar line being the closest thing that this song has to a main riff. It's almost unexpectedly straightforward, until a breakdown worthy of Unquestionable Presence swarms in. We knew they were back, but know we know that they're back.

The next track, "The Fraudulent Cloth," is a heavily chaotic song with now-you-hear-it-now-you-don't progressions. KELLY SHAEFER emits CHUCK BILLY-like screams while STEVE FLYNN sounds like he's trying to run the guitarists off course. Whether you're trying to figure out the time signatures or wondering if the lyrics are about a pedophile, this one deserves repeated listens. For all we know, the rest of Jupiter could sound like GODSMACK, but first impressions make me believe in Atheist.

Jupiter is out November 8 on Seasons of Mist.

– Ben Apatoff

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