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Album Review: DEFTONES Gore

Posted by | April 7, 2016

Regarding the legacy of the band, I view Deftones as divided into two entities, segmented by the passing of Chi. Adrenaline through Saturday Night Wrist represents their mastering of nü angst to alt-metal experimentation as the two releases in the past six years would act as the next matured stage in the band. Personally, both Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan seemed to just hit the nail on the head after the tense hiatus. While those two LPs were received quite well by both critics and fanbase, it felt as if there was a reluctance to hold them as highly as previous releases with the absence of such a founding member still on the mind. In hopes of bridging this gap, the group takes the third step forward in a continuation of their established creativity and depth with Gore.

| April 7, 2016