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Lars Ulrich Says METALLICA Hope To Collaborate With LADY GAGA More, Calls Her "The Quintessential Fifth Member of This Band"

Posted by on February 14, 2017 at 1:34 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

While Metallica and Lady Gaga's performance at the GRAMMYs didn't exactly go as planned, it was clear everybody was having fun.

One person who clearly enjoyed himself was Lars Ulrich. Ulrich spoke to Rolling Stone and had glowing reviews for their pop star collaborator. Ulrich, who met Gaga at a party at actor Bradley Cooper's house, which is where the idea for the collaboration was birthed, called the pop singer the "quintessential perfect fifth member of this band." High praise from Ulrich! He continued:

"Her voice, her attitude, her outlook on everything is so awesome," he says. "[The performance] was so effortless and organic and she just has the spirit of hard rock and metal flowing through her veins. It comes really easy for her. There's nothing contrived; she just has this super warm, easy energy."

According to reports, a stage hand accidentally unplugged Hetfield's mic moments before the performance started. Ulrich played it off calling it a "slight technical snafu." The Metallica drummer didn't seem to bummed by it. "You just learn to live with that side of it. It happened to Adele last year; I guess this year it was our turn." One fan took matters into their own hands, and created an edit with Hetfield's vocals adjusted.

Ulrich said after the GRAMMY performance, the two sides already began discussing possibly working together again:

"We already started fast-forwarding to the next chapter when we can do more of this," he says. "It's not one of those '20 lawyers, strategists and managers trying to force two people from two different worlds to figure out how to spend four minutes together on a national telecast.' Of any of these undertakings, this is about as organic and authentic as there's ever been one. We're just getting started."

I can't imagine it will be any time soon, as Metallica have just announced a massive North American tour.

Could a Lulu-like collaboration be on the cards in the future? I certainly hope it's at least better than Lulu. Of course, this is just one member of Metallica's opinion. I'm curious what Hetfield thought.

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  • Joe1909

    If this Gaga bitch didn't have nice tits no one would care about her

    • Ian Rose


      • Joe1909

        It's crap music zero substance

        • Ian Rose

          Yeah. A 6 time Grammy winner with crap music and zero substance. Slow clap for you.

          • Joe1909

            Backstreet Boys won Grammys you have zero on that

          • Ian Rose

            Check again, as they've only ever been nominated. Besides, you've yet again missed my point. Your personal preference on their type of music has no bearing on whether or not they're actually any good at it. I don't like pop music, but I do recognize the talent behind it.

          • Joe1909

            I did not miss your point your you said "6 time Grammy winner with crap music and zero substance. Slow clap for you" you more or less are saying that she is good because she wins Grammy's. Winning awards does not make you good. But most assholes like you don't know that.

          • Ian Rose

            Oooooh, dropping to internet insults. Well, that's nice. I'll play. I'm saying she's industry recognized. I'm saying she gets awards because of her talent in the style that she does. Not the other way round, dimwit. Same as Metallica. They get recognized for their achievements. End point, she isn't successful because of her tits as you originally suggested, you sexist twat. She was successful prior to any form of supposed sexualization of her stage persona. She's an accomplished songwriter. She's an accomplished choreographer. She's open to her fans, approachable, and quite grounded. I get that you don't like her music, that's fine. Neither do I. But I don't denigrate her because of that. Unlike your bigoted self. But I'd guess you wouldn't want to comprehend that, what with spending your time being a keyboard warrior. Enjoy your puberty when it comes.

          • Oivind

            Sometimes I wonder what she has to do for some people to respect her as an artist. She's had so many highly praised performances the last couple of years. Throughout her career, she's collaborated with Brian May, Clarence Clemmons, Elton John, Tony Bennett, Father John Misty, Florence Welch, Kevin Parker (from Tame Impala) and now Metallica (I'm sure there are many others I'm forgetting). Off the top of my head, artists which have talked highly of her (in addition to those she has collaborated with) include Blondie, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Scott, Alex Skolnick, Julie Andrews and I'm sure I'm forgetting a shitload of artists. She has sung tributes to Sting, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and Tony Bennett which brought tears to their eyes. For those who think of her as a brainless bubble-gum pop girl who can't sing without autotune, I'm wondering where the f**k they have been the last few years. Are they following the music industry at all? I totally understand that she may not be everyone's cup of tea. I can say plenty of things about her which I like, but which I know turn other people off. Taste is subjective, anyway.

            I'm happy to see you get it, even though you don't like her music. Like I said, taste is subjective. :)

          • Ian Rose

            Exactly Oivind. Having a favorite genre of music shouldn't blinker you in the appreciation of talents of people in other genres. And there's no denying that this girl has talent.

    • Kaira

      Why must you objectify her, and call her a bitch? Grow up.

      • Get a Clue

        Pfft, she's wants to be objectified. She isn't shaking her ass in front of the world half naked for her singing. Grow up to the real world, SJW shit doesn't always apply

        • Kaira

          SJW shit? Must be a mansplaining term I've never heard of before. I can state how I feel. Men objectify women even if they're fully dressed. Grow up to the real world yourself, buddy.

          • FYI

            "SJW" – Social Justice Warrior… She most likely wouldn't get noticed if she didn't compromise integrity

        • Ian Rose

          'Get a clue'. Very apt name, seeing as you do need to get a clue. 'SJW' doesn't apply here, her choice of garb and music style still doesn't excuse this twat to call her a bitch. That's got nothing to do with being half naked.

      • Joe1909

        Why must you give a fuck

      • Joe1909

        Why must you care what i do? Grow up.

    • MercylessFate

      This is actually true. When she first started years ago (before she became lady gaga) no one gave two fucks. Then she started wearing crazy shit and taking her clothes off and she became an overnight success.

      That isn't artistic integrity, that's objectifying yourself for profit.

      His point is factually accurate. If it weren't for her sexualization, no one would care. That's why you most likely have no idea what kind of music she performed prior to her gimmick. Spoiler alert: it was piano singer/songwriter crap in which she stayed fully clothed.

      • Oivind

        She has said that when you take your clothes off, anything can happen. I guess she learned that doing her burlesque shows with Lady Starlight. She didn't become an overnight success by taking her clothes off, though. She became a success when she made her first album together with RedOne. The burlesque thing was unknown to most of the world. She did keep a campy style, and she's had that thing about not wearing pants, but that has nothing to do with her success. The music she made with RedOne made her a success. And then she probably reinforced that success with her outfits and music videos, but not really by objectifying herself. She's always liked to act a little campy and dirty (something I happen to like about her), but I've never seen her make herself an object (often she's even done a lot to seem unsexy). Ok, you could argue that she's objectifying herself in some of the videos for Artpop, but that was later (in 2013). So no, she certainly did not become a success by objectifying herself (Artpop wasn't a big success for her).

        • MercylessFate

          I can tell you're a fan of hers, so you aren't going to badmouth her in anyway… Including agreeing on her manufactured persona… Which includes, among other things, hyper sexualizing herself for profit.

          If we can agree that she didn't look or act or sound anything like she does now, before 2007ish, then that's good enough.

          • Ian Rose

            If you can call covering yourself in a dress made of meat, sexualizing herself, then you've got us there…

          • MercylessFate

            That's just bullshit attention grabbing. It's her schtick, her gimmick. She never relied on her music(or her producer's) before… Everything she does is a gimmick mistaken for "art".

          • Oivind

            Sure, she's only collaborated with Brian May, Clarence Clemmons, Elton John, Tony Bennett, Father John Misty, Florence Welch, Kevin Parker (from Tame Impala) and now Metallica (I'm sure there are many others I'm forgetting). Off the top of my head, artists which have talked highly of her (in addition to those she has collaborated with) include Blondie, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Scott, Alex Skolnick, Julie Andrews and I'm sure I'm forgetting a shitload of artists. She has sung tributes to Sting, Stevie Wonder, Carole King and Tony Bennett which brought tears to their eyes. And have you seen all the highly praised performances she's had? At the Super Bowl (national anthem last year, hafltime show this year), the Oscars, with Metallica at the Grammy's, just to mention a few of the recent ones. But yeah, I'm sure those who praise her are all fooled by her schtick.

            When people say the kind of things you say, I'm wondering if they follow the music industry at all. Appealing to authority is flawed logic, I know, but if your opinion is so out of sync with more or less the whole music industry, you must start to wonder if it's you who might be missing something. Whether or not you like her is another question, of course. That's entirely up to you. Taste is subjective.

          • MercylessFate

            Yes, she's talented. I don't think anyone, including myself, ever said otherwise.

            The fact remains that if she hadn't gotten producers to change her sound, and if she stayed being Stefani… She would not have exploded into the mainstream.

            For people on a metal site, y'all sure do suck major popstar dick.

          • Oivind

            Just Lady Gaga's. I really just came here to see what metalheads thought about her performance. I am a fan of Metallica too, though. Metallica and Faith No More were my favorite bands during the 90s. Right now I'm more excited by Gaga, mostly because I started listening to her more "recently" (meaning last summer).

            You're right about one thing: She probably did need help to become famous. RedOne was probably as critical for her initial success as she was. I think most of her fans know that. And many of them are dying for another RedOne album.

          • Oivind

            I'm not going to badmouth her, but I accept that she's a human being and is not flawless. Calling someone "manufactured" is a very negative way of seeing things, BTW. I think she just did what she thought was cool. How would you know that her persona is manufactured (which I take to mean that it is made only to sell)? And since none of us knows what goes on in her mind, does it really matter? You like what she does, or you don't. I like it. From what other people say about her, and from the fact that she was first hired as a songwriter, I also believe she has a lot of creative control. The collaborations on her latest album indicates that she has a lot of creative control today. So I like the product she's offering, I believe it's her product, and I believe she does what she genuinely likes. But no one knows for sure.

            I don't find what she does so obviously sexy that I see her as hypersexualizing herself for profit. She can be sexy when she wants to (I think she was really hot with Metallica), but even though I'm a straight male, it's not at all what attracts me to her. If it was all that mattered I would choose Katy Perry, because she's always hot. Lady Gaga has admitted the first time she took her clothes off, it was to get attention. She was playing at a club, and no one paid her any attention. That was before she became famous, though, and given that she was first hired as a songwriter, it obviously had nothing to do with why she was hired.

            As for her sound, her latest album is actually a more like she was before 2007ish, so you're view on that is a bit dated. 5 years ago, I would certainly have agreed with you on that.

  • Lars and Metal Twerking

    Ha! Lars must have seen all the attention and metal posts…

  • Getting Ridiculous

    Geez, Lars probably still has a little boner from Gaga. Thinks he can play cow bell with it to improve his chops so, of course he needs her around!

  • Krzysztof Ziarek

    So, Lars
    Ulrich wants to collaborate with her, Rob Halford wants to collaborate with
    her, the whole goddamn Anthrax wants to collaborate with her, Brian May
    collaborated with her and Iron Maiden wouldn’t mind doing the same. I smell an
    album with multiple bands playing the renditions of their own songs with Gaga
    on vocals or as an co-vocalist.

  • Lon Aux

    That would be dope! GaGa is hot and Metallica needs some new energy!

  • Mister Brunswick

    Cant blame Ulrich and the boys for wanting more Gaga can you?, Imagine what Ulrich was thinking while playing drums and watching that sexy ass shake and gyrate in front of him. Fuck yeah!, we need to do this more!. With all due respect you got to hand it to her as she did kick fuckin' ass.

  • Lucas

    I would actually enjoy this

  • MetalSince85.

    Can't help but image Cliff Burton rolling over in his grave.

    • Guest of honor

      Yeah, Cliff was more about the music than the others

      • Oivind

        Which is why he would have loved this.

        • Jay Smith

          Oivnd, I Agree. He forced them to listen to Simon and Garfunkel and REM. Folks should stop pretending to know a dead man's mind over 3 decades later.

  • Freedomfighter58

    Yea, the new LuLu. I can't wait…..

  • Oivind

    Yes, please, more collaborations between Metallica and Lady Gaga.

  • Oivind

    Being good, it gets you stuff. ;)

    "Stuff" being the permission to play with Metallica in this case.

  • Crucify me if you want, but I'd love to see a Metallica and Lady Gaga collab as long as it's not like Lulu.