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Quick Review: WILSON Full Blast Fuckery

Posted by on June 20, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Wilson are one hell of a fun band, as I've explained in a really roundabout way via live show review. While it might be the live version of the band that's fun, don't count out studio Wilson; Full Blast Fuckery packs just as hard a punch and a six-pack for after the beat down.

In short, Full Blast Fuckery is the album you put on when everyone's at the party and you've opened the first twenty-something beers with every intention of destroying the place down to the last thing worth destroying. As "bro" as that might sound, there's a lot of badass riffs and licks going on with the album that catch you won't let you. Seriously, there's no track on here that screams "skip me!" to the listener at any point. Just like a crazy good party, it gets rough and wild but never gets boring. Even the rhythm section is bringing the heat with their own special flavor of kick-ass, and same goes for the vocals. Be it screaming into the mic with the full force of a metal band, or clean vocals with some AC/DC-ish jams going on, Full Blast Fuckery is not an album you're going to want to miss out on.

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