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Album Review: EXTINCTION A.D. Decimation Treaty

Posted by on February 13, 2018 at 1:40 pm

Last year started with a lot of amazing thrash and crossover releases. It seems 2018 may be heading in the same direction thanks to Long Island’s Extinction A.D. The band sees the release of their second full-length LP, Decimation Treaty on Good Fight Music. Across the record’s 10 tracks comes a barrage of wild thrash music, all of which encompasses powerful cries of political outrage and aggression. The crossover elements are prominent throughout the material. The band uses a terrific balance of whiplashing thrash qualities alongside groovy punk rhythms and crunchy and beatdowns.

Decimation Treaty opens on “Legions Of The Grave." There’s just a brief pause before Pieter van den Berg (bass) and Mike Sciulara (drums) pummel their way into the track. Rick Jimenez (vocals/guitars) screams alongside the rhythm. Ian Cimaglia (guitars) meanwhile plays into the whiplashing pace. The material is a crushing example of brutal fun, tossing in a guitar solo towards the end. “Secret Worlds” kicks things off with a playful attitude—the guitar presenting colorful tones while shifting in composition. The drumming drives forward, with the guitar and bass transitioning into a groovy rhythm. Yet, the adrenaline and fun only rise from here.

“In The Wake Of Uprising” rips into the listener’s eardrums from the start, playing to a choppy progression that goes from speedy tempos to frenetic metallic bashing. Whether it’s a drive in thrashing solos or a sporadic punk flow, Extinction A.D. continues to expand and introduce fresh ideas as the album progresses. Every component of the band can be felt—from the belting vocals, vibrant bass lines, rapid drum beats, to the soaring and melodic guitar work. Not once do these guys show any indication of taking things easy, as each song blasts forward in glory.

The speed and technicality of “Burnt Indifference” presents an annihilating atmosphere. High tempos and flares of pounding low-end keep the constant adrenaline alive and electrified. “Rats In The Attic” takes this same approach, bringing forth a searing rage from the vocal presentation. The composition plays around with tone, going from straightforward heavy rhythms to lifting the chorus into a spirited cry. Each track builds upon the last, adding to the exhilarating rush of instrumentation and vocal cries.

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In the past few years, thrash has been introducing technical innovation, while continuing to embrace nostalgia. Extinction A.D.’s Decimation Treaty is a terrific record that displays a stellar array of heaviness and fun. Each song is consistently engaging, evolving and introducing something different as the record flies forward. It's a wild record that guarantees you'll be tossing yourself into a pit. Extinction A.D. have crafted one hell of a record, carrying the torch for crossover’s legacy.

Score: 8/10


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