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CD Review: SULACO Build and Burn

Posted by on November 28, 2011 at 12:45 pm

I like my grind crunchy and compact, I like my death vibrant and zesty. Simply tossing the two together does not guarantee results. Sulaco, however, forge consonance. The band have crafted a vital concoction, inserting gorgeous grooves, triumphant riffs, copious character and a satisfying taste of technicality. Build and Burn is a coherent fusion of all things heavy.

Erik Burke of Brutal Truth leads this Rochester, New York crew to total victory on the band’s sophomore full-length. His guitar work here is inventive and compelling, far more likely to induce involuntary headbanging than cause a seizure. The band take us on a tour of astronomical riffage, executed with an even-handed artistry. Along the way you’ll enjoy meaty grinding, slip in some Gorguts and revel in “War Pigs”-esque melodic exultation. The grooves are deep, affecting and ever-present, projected by a badass rhythm section.

Erik Burke’s vocals are screamed more than grunted or growled, recalling Linus Jägerskog of the sadly defunct Burst, or even Peter Dolving. There’s a nice touch of derangement in these bellows, echoing the unhinged sentiment of the bizarre album cover.

Build and Burn is no hodgepodge; Sulaco don’t fiddle around. These guys appropriate and dominate with swagger, style and a smile. Get a good taste of the album and you’ll want to guzzle its gravy; I can’t seem to get enough.


Build and Burn is available now on vinyl via Handshake Inc. and digitally via Bandcamp.

Don’t take my word for it; stream the entire album below:

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