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METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #43 [UPDATED w/Behind the Scenes] - Peter Steele buys kitchens (feat. Oderus Urungus of GWAR)

Posted on November 7, 2009

UPDATE: We posted the behind the scenes clip after the jump…


On this edition of the Metal Injection Livecast, we are joined near the beginning of the show by the maggot master himself, Oderus Urungus, vocalist of GWAR. Oderus talked to some of his bohabs (dedicated GWAR fans), talked shit on Kerry King, LORDI, Fox News and more. Also, Darren pens a special tribute song to The Googler. We talk to "Peter Steele" and "Tom Araya" and bring back everybody's favorite segment, Thrash it or Trash It. Here is this week's playlist:

GWAR – Damnation Under God
CROTCHDUSTER – Let Me Into Starfish Land
LUDACHRIST – Most People Are Dicks
LUDACHRIST – This Party Sucks
SOD – Milk
SLAYER – Psychopathy Red
REVOCATION – Dismantle The Dictator
SOLEFALD – There is Need

Behind the scenes clip after the jump…

This week's Behind the Scenes clip: