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MUSHROOMHEAD Now Sell Tactical "War Machine Vests"

Posted by on December 10, 2014 at 11:25 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Mushroomhead are on the cutting edge of metal merchandising. You may recall, two years ago they offered a weekend retreat to sunny Cleveland to hang with the band for a measly $4500.

Now they have a more reasonably priced option for fans who want to show their support. The band are selling tactical ranger vests embroidered with Mushroomhead logos for a cool $150, for those of you with money burning through your pocket.

So if you live in an unsafe neighborhood and got some spare cash, this bad boy is constructed with cotton and polyester materials, zippered pockets, 8 hooking loops up front and a rear hook and "game bag." There is also a zippered collar with a hood that comes out of it.

Basically, how could you not buy this? Here's my out-there speculation about this product: the band really wanted to order it for themselves and probably got a good rate on a bulk order so they figured they'd just sell some off to fans. Regardless, we may need to update our Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide, and perhaps remove all other items but this.

As ThePRP points out, how did Five Finger Death Punch not think of this first?

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