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Hello Kitty's Creator Has Made A New Character Who Loves Death Metal And Beer

Posted by on January 9, 2017 at 1:04 pm

Sanrio, the company responsible for the Hello Kitty character, has created something very unlike Hello Kitty. Meet Aggretsuko, the red panda who has an office job, is tired of her boss, and loves to drink beer and sing death metal. Yes, Aggretsuko is ultimately a cartoon character, but deep down she's a pretty solid representation of probably at least a quarter of our readership.

Maybe we'll be reporting on Aggretsuko more in the future? It pretty much has to pop up again.

[via The Verge]

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  • heavymetalrules131313

    Well, at least I'll have something to look for when my girlfriend wants to go into the Sanrio store….

    • more beer

      Here is sound advice. Don't let your chick drag you around shopping. Go to a bar. Show her where you will be sitting. Let her shop. You drink a few beers. When she is done she can retrieve you from the bar. It is a win win situation like that.

  • Bigalmoney666

    Waiting for some comment about how it's not trve metal enough or some equivalent bullshit.

    • Ganondox

      I dunno, she seems pretty trve.

  • unsterblich

    The character seems like an homage to Detroit Metal City.

  • RoC

    I need a t-shirt with Aggretsuko on it.

  • cuntgrinder

    Metalinjection goes metalsucks (again…) 2017!

    • more beer

      Well they are sister sites. On the Blast Beat Network. They may even share, each others dirty underwear..

  • Christopher Ferreira

    As a metal fan and someone who always liked Hello Kitty, this is pretty cool!

  • The Cat's Vagina


  • more beer

    There is some guy above named Jonathan McKain who is muscling in on your fake job turf. You may need to suck dick at a more furious pace. So you can make those payments on that Land Rover.

  • tinsa

    omg lmfao. Thank you for turning an innocent character into an angry kitty. XD

  • Sam Potts

    I would say "Damn Japanese cartoons, keep your stupid ridiculousness out of metal." But the more metal out there…why the heck not?