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Metal Crimes

Israeli TOOL Fan Bashes Terrorist With His Guitar To Prevent Further Attacks

Posted by on March 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Yesterday, a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing spree in a coastal town in Tel Aviv, which sadly left one person dead (an American citizen) and 12 wounded, including a pregnant woman, before the attacker was gunned down by police.

The attacker might've gone on to kill more innocent people if not for Yishay Montgomery, pictured above. Yishay was playing his guitar across the street from the scene of the crime when he heard a woman's scream. He sprang into action and used his guitar as a weapon and connected with a shot to the attacker's head that left him dazed. Yishay tells Israeli Channel 2 TV:

“I was sitting down playing guitar and I heard screaming from across the street,” said the man, who wore a T-shirt of the rock band Tool. “I saw a man run at me with a knife, I ran at him with the guitar and smashed it in his head. He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself and then started running away.”

According to police, as the attacker was running away, he tried to injure more civilians until finally being shot dead.

In the ordeal, because Yishay used his guitar as a weapon, the instrument is now damaged beyond repair. According to MetalSucks, a rando from Philly has started a GoFundMe to help get Yishay a new guitar. As of this writing, the funds surpass $4,000 dollars, so he can get himself quite the limited edition guitar for those funds.

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