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Metal Injection's 35 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2018

Posted by on January 11, 2018 at 5:39 pm

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Heavy Metal Heavy Hitters

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Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown (January 12)

With Pepper Keenan having some time off since announcing his departure from New Orleans sludge supergroup Down, it was only a matter of time before crossover thrash / southern metal OGs Corrosion of Conformity linked up once again with their former vocalist. We finally saw that reunion in 2015, when Keenan joined his old band for an extensive string of dates across Europe and North America. Three years later, the North Carolina-based quartet will release the Southern-fried No Cross No Crown, which fans should find finger-lickin' good. – Nic Huber

Ghost – TBA

This is a big one. Where Meliora saw Ghost start to reach some truly transcendent heights I think we’re all curious to see where the worlds fastest rising band is going to go with album 4. It’s hard to believe all that’s happened with the band in the 3 years since the band released their last effort, from winning a Grammy to changing the entire lineup, you can’t help but to be extremely curious about what’s happening with these guys next. Like it or not it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Ghost are this generations Iron Maiden.

They are also undoubtedly the biggest young band to bridge underground metalheads with mainstream fans. All this to say – Ghost are well on their way to being the biggest and best in the world right now, and this could be the record that turns them into megastars. – Matt Bacon

At The Gates – TBA

While it's a bummer that co-founding guitarist Anders Björler left the band last March, expectations are still somewhere in the cosmos for the next album from Swedish melodic death metal legends At The Gates. Expected to arrive sometime in the first half of 2018, the album will be the first to feature Jonas Stålhammar (The Lurking Fear) and will be the follow-up to 2014's comeback of the year record At War With Reality. Frontman Tomas Lindberg told Decibel late last year that fans could expect the band's sixth studio album to be "heavier and more death metal" than its predecessor, so fans can be rest assured that the Gothenburg sound will be in full force. – Nic Huber

Killswitch Engage – TBA

Adam D and the boys have been demoing and writing since August (link to previous post), and with their other promise from their post, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make good on their promise of a new record. Incarnate was one of my personal faves from 2016, and if this new album is in the same realm I’ll probably be a happy camper. Couple this with the potential for some new Times of Grace, and it’ll be a good year to be a fan of Adam and Jesse. – Daniel Cordova

Pig Destroyer – TBA

It's been six unbearably long years since one of the world's most beloved grindcore bands put out their last record. A Pig Destroyer release is always cause for celebration and given that nearly all of their releases are universally acclaimed, expectations will be high for the band's long-awaited sixth record. It doesn't seem like they've been vacationing in the interim, either: I spoke to several members of Pig Destroyer after a late 2017 concert and they told me that they've spent several years writing their upcoming record. In just a few (hopefully short) months, we'll finally get to hear the fruits of their labor. – Tyler Hersko

Between The Buried and Me – TBA

Coma Ecliptic was a bombastic achievement for BtBaM and they toured the hell out of that album. Even after touring that record, they hit the road to celebrate a decade of Colors, and somewhere in all that they managed to write a new album. That’s kind of crazy, actually. Anyway, In August they hit the studio and recorded the follow-up. This means when fans saw them play Colors in October, the band had the new album in their heads and were keeping it from us. How dare they!? It’s safe to assume that it’s in the final stages, so it’s just a waiting game. – Daniel Cordova

Whitechapel – TBA

I’ve been a fan of Whitechapel ever since This Is Exile. Not only are they one of the best bands around, creating brutal music with annihilating instrumentation, but they continue to push and evolve their sound outside the boundaries of conventional deathcore. 2016’s Mark of the Blade was a progressive jump for the band, letting go of generic writing, and expanding upon their style. Given that each release from Whitechapel involves a level of change, their seventh studio album is sure to be nothing less than epic. – Michael Pementel

Baroness – TBA

I am taking bets now as to what the color of Baroness’ next album will be. Will we finally get their Black Album? No one is certain yet. However, what we do know is the Savannah, Georgia quartet underwent a bit of an overhaul since Purple came out. Long-standing guitarist and vocalist, Pete Adams, left Baroness last year and in his place, is Gina Gleason. The newest member of the band worked with Cirque du Soleil as well as notable musicians like Carlos Santana, Perry Ferrell (Jane’s Addiction), and Brendon Small (Dethklok).

It will certainly be intriguing to further see how Baroness is going to sound with Gleason in the band. The footage of her performing old material with John Baizley, Nick Jost, and Sebastian Thomson stirs up a lot of excitement for what they will bring with new songs. Baizley, no matter who he’s worked with, has yet to release anything less than excellent with Baroness. I feel pretty certain in suggesting we’ll see them near the top of many year-end lists. – Cody Davis

Misery Signals – TBA

In 2006, vocalist Jesse Zaraska departed Misery Signals. Zaraska only recorded 2004's Of Malice and the Magnum Heart, and upon the band's tour with Zaraska performing the whole album in 2014, it was announced that he'd be re-joining the band in place of vocalist Karl Schubach. It'll be really interesting to see what Misery Signals comes up with now that Zaraska is back, as well as longtime guitarist Stu Ross and original bassist Kyle Johnson.

Let me put it this way. Minus Zaraska, Misery Signals currently has the lineup that came up with Of Malice and the Magnum Heart, 2006's Mirrors, and 2008's Controller. Greg Kennelty

The Ocean – TBA

Late in 2016, Guitarist and Ocean Collective mastermind Robin Staps told us (and told me to my face, in fact) that 2017 would see a new record from the aquatic prog band. 2017 came and went, and no new album. Staps has since said that 2018 will the year that we’ll get that new album. There has also been discussion of a double album (one dropping 2018 and one in 2019), and of a non-concept album, so it’s hard to say what we’ll be getting until we get it. The band was pretty quiet in 2017, so it seems entirely likely that he meant it this time. – Daniel Cordova

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