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15 Worst Responses To Revealing You Are A Metalhead

Posted by on May 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm

You know the feeling. You meet somebody new, whether it be on a date or a social function and they ask the question: "so, what music do you listen to?" And you dread responding because you know what's going to happen. After polling a number of metalhads, here are the 15 worst type of responses when telling somebody you are a metalhead:



Isn’t that the devil’s music?




…but you seem so nice and showered.

Loki eyeroll



Why are the singers so angry all the time?

the rock eyeroll



Do you even understand what they’re saying?

Frankenstein eyeroll



Oh, I love heavy metal too. My favorite band is Senses Fail.




Really? You don’t look like a metalhead at all.




Aren’t you too old to be listening to heavy metal?

larry bird eyeroll



Doesn’t that music just give you a headache?

wonka eyeroll



Does that mean you worship Satan?

oh my god



Are you depressed?




You know that’s not real music, right?

Mr T Eyeroll



Is that why you wear all black?

Varg smile



Is that one of those shows where everybody stands around punches each other?

iron man eyeroll



I had that phase too when I was younger, Korn and Linkin Park were my jam.

head hurts



Oh, I just got into this one metal band…what were they called? Metallica! Have you heard of them?

mind blown


Share your most annoying responses in the comments below…

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  • Earthworm_Jim2

    Pearl Jam is awesome, as is Blink 182, people just love to hate Blink 182, but they have some really good stuff except that horrible new album. But Creed and Nickelback just plain suck.

  • Tan Shearer

    How exactly is System of a Down easy?

    • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

      Because it really isn't some heavy stuff. Try Children of Bodom, Onslaught or Kreator for actually heavy stuff.

      • Tan Shearer

        But they're not heavier…..

        • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

          So you're saying that… melodeath, and teutonic thrash isn't heavier than nu/alt metal…?
          I suppose this is the (no longer) hypothetical scenario in which one person had the brain of a deck chair.

          • Tan Shearer

            System of a Down sounds heavier to me.

          • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

            I know, and I addressed that in the last few words of my last post.

  • Adrian O Sullivan

    I was at my cousins house for a party. Someone happened to mention the concerts that I'd been to. His girlfriend immediately looked at me and said " I thought you were a nice boy, very disappointed. Dont they just shout and cut chickens heads off on stage". She was genuinely frightened when she said that too..also, she was eating a plate of chicken dippers while saying it to me

  • Haterade

    The real music one is the one that pisses me off.

  • Luca Cecchini


  • deathnote67

    You dont dance to metal. you just headbang

  • Golden_Snidget

    worst response: "I thought it was related to cutting or something".

    Also people who do air guitar and pretend their metal.

  • Golden_Snidget

    Korn is still awesome live! I saw them last October. Not everyone is Tr00 Kvlt

  • Joshua Martorana

    God. People need to understand that this is its own freaking sub culture. Metalheads are a different species. BUT NOT SATAN WORSHIPPERS. ?

  • Arkon Raavus

    "Me too! Did you hear Nickelback has new music?" I actually had someone say this to when I told them I like metal.