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World Gone Mad Might Be SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Final Album

Posted by on June 5, 2017 at 10:25 am

Did you like Suicidal Tendencies 2016 album World Gone Mad? Well, we sure hope you did, because according to frontman Mike Muir, it might be the band's final album.

The album was Suicidal Tendencies's only album with ex-Slayer and current Dead Cross drummer Dave Lombardo, who Muir says is always pushing the band to get into the studio and record some new music, though he's just not sure fans will ever hear what they record.

"I think that with World Gone Mad, I think it's a perfect statement record to fit in with all what else we've done in the past and it's a good way to end it. As I said before, at the same time we recorded an EP, and there's a possibility we'll still put that out. But there's a very good chance that'll be the last album-album that we do. I know Dave is… every time we talk, he's, like, 'Hey, let's record something.' So we'll always record things. Whether we put it out, I don't know. We've been so busy since this record has come out and we've got so much stuff already planned that it's, like, I can't even think about even recording another record anyhow. So I guess that's good."

It sort of sounds like Muir is saying that World Gone Mad will be the band's final LP, but there culd be more EPs? Though Suicidal Tendencies has been around since 1980 too, so it's also tough to get mad at a band that's been doing this for 37 years when they call it quits.

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