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Tom Morello Launches New Project Called ATLAS UNDERGROUND

Posted by on March 23, 2016 at 11:41 am

Tom Morello has a new project called Atlas Underground, which features musicians such as Skrillex, Bassnectar, GZA, X Ambassadors, and Matt Shultz of Cage The Elephant and Knife Party. Morello further builds the hype with a quote that says the project is "not a band, it’s a plan. One part Marshall stack blowtorch heart and soul, one part Mecha-Godzilla titanium bass drop. Heaven help you all.”

Which I guess makes sense? Then there's the music, which was debuted live… and honestly, I'm not too into the debut single. It sounds like Rage/old Red Hot Chili Peppers riffs with a bass drop. Maybe this'll get better than what it is currently? Morello has historically put out some great material, so it's not like the dude just up and fell apart overnight.

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