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There Will Be No New TOOL Or A PERFECT CIRCLE Albums This Year

Posted by on May 8, 2017 at 11:08 am

Photo by Steve Thrasher

A Perfect Circle announced earlier this year that it'd be doing a new album and a tour. Guitarist Billy Howerdel said he hoped the album would be out by November, and then in a following interview he said the album would be out within a year.

Tool has been teasing us for approximately forever with a new album, though according to drummer Danny Carey, the band is hoping to hit the studio this fall. So when can we expect both of those albums? Well, according to whoever runs the A Perfect Circle Twitter, neither are coming this year.

Tool isn't surprising, but A Perfect Circle is. What happened to the "maybe November" release date? To be fair, Howerdel's most recent comments did state that it would be out within a year, but it seems like every time there's a statement about the album, things are getting inched further back.

As for the statement about Tool's album not being out in 2017, I don't think anyone is shocked. We were told there'd be no new Tool album in 2013 and there wasn't, we were told there'd be no new Tool album in 2014 and there wasn't, though 2016 sounded promising considering Meshuggah had heard some of it and sang its praises.

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