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The Best Parts Of METALOCALYPSE Creator Brendon Small's Reddit AMA

Posted by on October 25, 2013 at 2:40 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Brendon Small

This Sunday, Adult Swim will premiere Metalocalyspe: The DOOMSTAR REQUIEM A Klok Opera and creator Brendon Small has been on a tear promoting it and the soundtrack that will be released the following Tuesday. In addition to calling into our live podcast earlier this week, Brendon did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) a few days ago, and we picked out the best questions for your amusement:

Have you considered making character mini-albums, like a Snakes N Barrels album? Because I would buy that shit so fast.
If I had all the time in the world I would! It's nice playing other styles, it's a cleanses the palette.

I've always thought the idea of a death metal band "100 times more popular than the Beatles" as being one of the best premises for a TV show. Where did you come up with that idea?
Thanks. The premise is that because we didn't want to do the "band that can't get a gig thing" or the "band on it's way out thing" those premises have been nailed by Spinal Tap and Tenacious D and Flight of the Concord brilliantly- why not go the other way and make them the largest cultural force on earth?

If you could be a guitarist in any other metal band, who would it be?
I wish I were in Queen. I know it's not metal but I love the guitars so damn much that I pretty much rip them off everywhere.

What’s your favorite metal opera? And why is it Ziltoid the Omniscient?
Ziltiod is amazing! I love Devin! But I grew up listening to the Who's TOMMY and JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and EVITA and was heavily influenced by those records as a kid- also loved the story telling by KING DIAMOND- my favorite things in the world are comedy, music and storytelling and I'm lucky guy to have found a place to do all three.

Will there be a final tour? I missed it the last time 'round because of that whole "Sandy" thing.
Final eh? I'm working on trying to get this KLOK OPERA out as a tour but it's tricky because it's not just metal- it has a whole bunch of different styles in it- don't know if it's a metal tour a comedy tour or a theatrical musical tour.

What happened to Fatty Ding Dongs? That was my favorite episode ever.
Fatty Ding Dong is still living amongst the kitties. He may have feline AIDS.

Will Pickles be singing in more songs on the soundtrack?
Yes. Everybody sings on DOOMSTAR. EVERYBODY.

What bands were most inspirational in creating Dethklok?
Well, Queen & Metallica were my starting point and if you listen to "Go into the water" i tried to combine Flash Gordon and Am I Evil (which I guess is a diamond head song) but as you go on you can tell that other stuff inspired me too. Everybody from Anthrax, to Exodus, to Aman Amarth, to Black Dahlia Murder to Gojira, to Mastodon. .

How much practice do you do with your guitar now and in the months gearing up for Dethklok?
I play every morning for about 45 minutes and when i get a new piece of gear i play even longer. I love playing guitar and i'm sometimes late to things because I'm jackin off with my guitar.

There were a ton more questions and you can read up on all of it right here.

Also, make sure to check out our interview with Brendon on this week's Livecast, which was awesome.

In related news, Crave just posted this quick behind the scenes video:

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