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ROB ZOMBIE Made A Black Metal Song

Posted by on April 24, 2013 at 1:08 pm

I realize now that there's no way I can word the headline so that you'll believe me. Just trust me and make the jump into the realm of Rob Zombie black metal.

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So the song is called "Crushing the Ritual," and was written by Zombie and John 5 for the Lords of Salem movie (which we've found out recently did fairly awful). Having not seen the movie, I've read that the song is for a fictional band in the movie called Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent. Both the video and the band name just reek of overdone black metal tones that needlessly beat you over the head with their black metalness. I mean really dude… any other black metal related terms you want to throw in there? We get it, and it's the same thing with the video. The song is sort of the same thing, but more in the sense that it's just bludgeoning you with the same musical concepts over and over again. I hate to admit that it's not half bad and that if John 5 and Zombie decided to really take black metal seriously for an entire album, I'd definitely check it out. They seem to have the right idea, but it's not naturally "black metal" sounding in that it's forced as hell. If that makes sense.

Decide for yourself! What do you think?

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