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Remember that Bike Hero clip? Well, it was staged by Activison.

Posted on December 2, 2008

Remember when we posted this awesome video last week? Here I thought, some kids have way too much time on their hands. Turns out, I was fooled. We were all fooled! The video was a viral marketing stunt paid for by Activision, the creators of the Guitar Hero franchise. MTV's Multiplayer Blog uncovered the truth:

“Bike Hero” was shot in North Hollywood by a production team called Droga 5. That team has pulled off other viral stunts like the apparent graffiti-tagging of Air Force Once for Marc Ecko’s clothing company. This time, Activision was working with them.

“We shot all through the night,” Brad Jakeman, Activision’s newly appointed chief creative officer. “We wanted it to feel gritty and of the medium.” The shoot took place about four weeks ago, and while it did involve a real bicyclist, those lights on the handlebars are the product of “some filmic magic.”

I feel soooo dirty, falling for something like that. Either way, the clip is ridiculously cool and it worked in giving Activison what they wanted, which was getting people to talk about the game.

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