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NINE INCH NAILS' Trent Reznor Files A Restraining Order Against His Neighbor

Posted by on January 18, 2018 at 11:47 am

Believe it or not, Trent Reznor doesn't just walk into a massive assortment of keyboards and laptops after a Nine Inch Nails show, never to be seen until the next live performance. He's got a house and kids, and also a seemingly crazy neighbor who he's had to file a restraining order against. According to TMZ, Reznor has done exactly that, saying his neighbor Nader Afshar "behaves irrationally and has been increasingly threatening to him and his family over the past 6 months" to the point where Reznor has had to get the cops involved.

Reznor says most recently, Afshar told one of Reznor's friends that he hated Trent and that Satan was going to get him. According to court documents, Afshar was also outside on Christmas Eve wearing an open shirt, shorts, and a Santa hat yelling that "rich people can do anything they want, but the Lord will get them in the end."

A court hearing will happen next month, unless Reznor enlists his army of synth robots to take the guy away to some insane kingdom of dirt. Until then, Afshar has to keep 10 yards away from Reznor and his family at all times.

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