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MOTÖRHEAD's Surviving Members To Play A Few Shows With Special Guests

Posted by on January 12, 2018 at 1:19 pm

When Motörhead frontman, bassist, and founder Lemmy Kilmister passed away on December 28, 2015, the band died with him. Guitarist Phil Campbell went on to his Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons project, while drummer Mikkey Dee joined Scorpions. Though according to Campbell, both he and presumably Dee are talking about doing a handful of shows with special guests.

Campbell says it's not going to be an ongoing thing and it won't be a tour, but just a tribute to Lemmy for a few shows. He actually doesn't mention Dee either, so who knows if it'll be a bunch of ex-Motörhead dudes getting up on stage, or just Campbell and Dee, or Campbell and someone else.

"It's on the cards, but it's just gonna be a few select shows. We're not gonna be touring with it. We're gonna get these people involved and [we have to be mindful of] their schedules as well. We'll just do some special shows worldwide, which will be good — a tribute to Lem and to the band maybe, yeah. But it wouldn't be an ongoing thing; everyone's too busy. But [we want to] do something special. We're still trying to work on that now."

This actually sounds like a cool idea, and given the metal world's pretty much universal love of Motörhead, I'd imagine a lot of names would be thrown in for the shows. This news also unfortunately comes on the heels of guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clark's death on January 11.

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