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Metal Injection gets exclusive details on upcoming TRIVIUM album

Posted on January 30, 2008 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

During our interview with TRIVIUM at NAMM 2008, vocalist and lead guitarist Matt Heafy reveled new details about the writing/recording of their new CD, the followup to 2006's The Crusade:

"We started demoing after Family Values, like October. We started writing some songs, demoing them. The demo quality is so good it sounds like a real album, which is awesome, so it gives us a really good basis to compare and fix shit, so we've been revising and going back in and changing shit up. We're doing another set of demos. I think we're probably going to have 30 songs to pick from and we're working with Nick Raskalenicks (FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH, DEATH ANGEL)"

Watch the entire interview above!