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Maynard James Keenan Has Begun Working on Lyrics For New TOOL Album; THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Posted by on February 17, 2017 at 4:41 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Maynard James Keenan of Tool (Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Many many moons ago, when being asked for an update on the long-fabled new Tool album, Maynard says “I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing.” Maynard had previously said he doesn't begin his job until the rest of the band is done with the music. Then, he comes in and begins writing.

With that said, I'd like to point you to this new update Tool posted on their official website:

“In speaking with Danny [Carey, drummer] last night, he told me that the band has temporarily MOVED some of their gear into a larger space (across town) where MAYNARD is working on VOCALS for some of the new Tool material. I’m sure that he has already been doing this to some extent, but now he has more room to breathe and a better vocal booth.”




We named Tool's forthcoming record one of the most anticipated releases of the year, could we actually get it in 2017? Tool have lined up some festival dates throughout the year – could they possibly debut a new song at these dates?

So many questions! Soon there will be answers.

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  • Kyle Hoschar

    It will be out this year

  • that guy

    Meh. I'll get excited when it is spinning in the tray of my CD player.

    • Joangsiggers

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      • that guy


  • BoxesOfZiti

    Better be the next fucking Sargent Peppers taking 11 years and all.

    • Johnny .Gomez


      • Wallet Chain Goatee Douche

        Lonely Heart's Club Band

        • Thommy Volume


    • Brian Gray



    i bet you their new album (if it ever does happen) is gonna be a big self indulgent bloated over-hyped juicy fart of an album and then all the tools will say its the best shit ever

    • Over Under

      I'd take that bet. The new jams live are not self-indulgent bloated over-hyped juicy farts. I'm not a fanatic, but Tool won't put out an album just to put an album out to appease fans or financial gain. Nor are they gonna release anything that's not up to par. Self-indulgent would be the easy way and isn't evidenced by Tool's track record of behavior and output. They do put the music before their individual images, which I prefer


        yea but 10,000 days wasn't that great, and i see a trend, they are rich and famous and the reason its taken them so long is because they haven't had any good ideas. I'm sure if they were just rollin out good ideas they woulda recorded that shit and sent it to the people. maynard wants to make wine and whine about being a rich asshole and having too many fans, poor guy. i love old tool albums but puscifer sucks and 10,000 days was boring and new agey as hell, plus lots of good bands pump out albums and are not scared of having a flop, failures create improvement, frank zappa knew that shit well. But i hope its good and i'm wrong

        • Aenima II

          It does remain to be seen. But yeah, Good Tool is the shit we want!!! Don't know their reasons for the delay but Marten Hagsterom from Meshuggah has stated that from the demos he's heard its the best Tool so far. I do trust that man's no bullshit opinion

          • Big Norris

            Yeah he don't fuck around

  • that guy


  • Millio

    Yo this article is the shit hahahaha those Gifs literally describe everyone reading it haha well, atleast those who know about Maynard's talent and Tool in general of course

  • Padraig Sea

    I will happily bet a thousand bucks that we don't get a new Tool LP in 2017. I might even extend that to the end of this decade is someone gives me odds.

  • Jason

    To think Ive been reading articles like this for close to a decade and still fall for them.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Why do we need to be constantly subjected to progress updates for an album that will undoubtedly be another self indulgent mess like 10000 days was. Tool receive far too much credit then what they deserve.