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Hero Woman Puts A Stop To Asshole Mosher Who Was "Crowdkilling"

Posted by on February 9, 2016 at 11:18 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

I am too old to mosh, but ultimately, I have no problem with the act of moshing, as long as its confined to the actual pit, and the only people subjugated to potential beatdowns are willing participants. What I can't stand is these assholes that hang out at the edge of the pit and just punch people for no good reason, or those that specifically jump into the crowd to punch people. Stop being a dick!

Turns out that "move" is called "crowdkilling" and Lambgoat posted this fantastic clip of Asshole-of-the-Day Mike Correa getting his from one kick-ass female for messing with the wrong girl. This all went down at a Vista, CA hardcore show during a band named Raw Dawg's set.

SHARE THIS! fuckin Mike Correa beating the shit out of people during RAW DAWG, then a girl starts crowdkilling him 󾌴…

Posted by Yan Charaschevski on Sunday, February 7, 2016

This woman deserves a medal of some sort.

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  • Derek Nason

    Video had been removed..

  • Kirsten Standish

    Watch Drownings video for 1017… Thats a music scene. And croedkilling is partcof that game. Shit hapoen cant take a hit dont stand by th pit. Purposelessly or nah. Still happens. Pussies

    • Kirsten Standish

      Sorry about my spelling.

  • Kirsten Standish

    Hardcore music has been around forever. Hardcore to the bone. Id like to say ive been to metal shows, punk shows, huge tours with metallica and bands like pearl jam but im always hardcore to the bone because no matter whay scene ive gone to the states ive traveled, ive yet to see anyibe mkre tough and willing to throw down then all my hardore homies. The metal pits i was in were fun but not as violent and down the the core. I like movent and my back swings run hard. I am small so no expects it comining. And push pits do nothing other than leave a few trampled people here and there. And crab core just consists of grabbing air the likely hood of you hitting someone then is slim 25 percent… So id rather throw down hard then go home feeling like i accomplished nothing.

    • Angry Tom

      Yeah I don't really get it. I guess the people who go to hardcore shows expect to get slapped like this but when people do this at a typical metal show when no one is expecting it, it's not cool.

  • Kirsten Standish

    My scene revolves around the violent pits. The harder the better. We have a great venue where im from and we strive just fine. Just depends whether the areas full of bitches or Go Gettas. #HxC219 #NWIHC #CHITOWNBANGERS

    • Dr.Zoidberg

      Nice trolling here mate. Otherwise your IQ would be below 70 if this was serious.

      • Angry Tom

        Lol, it actually sounds sincere, which is even sadder.

        • Dr.Zoidberg

          Remember: sometimes the most sincere is the most suspicious :)