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GUS G. playing with OZZY at BlizzCon; ZAKK WYLDE totally out of the picture?

Posted on August 21, 2009

We've been covering this whole Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde falling out for a while now and the hits clearly just keep on coming. All along, despite all the rumors of Ozzy replacing Zakk on the new CD with Gus G, Zakk's stance was this:

I'm doing Blizzcon with him in August and supposed to finish up the cd in September….this is news to me

Hmm, well it seems that even that is now inaccurate, as Blabbermouth reports that Randall Amps, Gus G's official amp sponsor is saying that HE in fact will be playing with Ozzy at BlizzCon this weekend, which I would presume means that Zakk won't be. All this, and I bet Zakk didn't even get a phone call yet. Or maybe he did get a phone call months ago, but was just so sloshed he totally forgot about it, creating this entire controversy out of nothing. Either way, this is certainly an interesting time in the Ozzy camp, and I am curious to see how Gus performs with the Prince of Darkness. I almost feel kind of bad for Gus because he's being thrown into this really awkward situation that he has no control over. Maybe the large piles of money he would be getting make it easier to sleep at night. Ya win some, ya lose some!

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