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Ex-ANTHRAX, GOD FORBID & THY WILL BE DONE Members Start Supergroup

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 12:33 pm

Enter Lead Pipe Cruelty.

God Forbid drummer Corey Pierce has announced the formation of a gnarly new supergroup called Lead Pipe Cruelty, featuring Thy Will Be Done vocalist J. Costa, former Anthrax vocalist Dan Nelson, ex-Thy Will Be Done bassist Eric Tavares, and long-time friend Rob McElroy.

According to the band's Facebook:

"Lead Pipe Cruelty [sic] is a band that fuses it's collective influences of Metal, Sludge and Punk to create what they have dubbed 'Power Sludge'. The band is comprised of veterans and players with an extensive pedigree in response to stagnation and rejecting the industry's status quo. All you need is a raised middle finger, some groove, and really loud guitar riffs."

The band also lists Black Sabbath, Cro-Mags, Black Flag, Crowbar, Eyehategod, The Stooges, and Sleep as influences, among others. So that's cool.

The official press release doesn't reveal much other than the few need-to-knows, but here are the quotes if you're one of those people:

"I'm at an incredible point in my life in which I get to do so many creative and fun things." states Corey. "I am so happy to say that one of these great new chapters is 'LPC' and I'm really excited to play with a bunch of guys who are so supportive and excited to make great music!"

Dan Nelson elaborates on his involvement by stating, "Corey, Rob and myself have been good friends for a while now. We have jammed quite a bit in the past and always talked about having a project together. So I was super stoked when Corey asked me to come on board as the bass player of LPC. Along with J and Eric, it's a great conglomerate of such talented musicians and awesome human beings, I feel very honored to be a part of that." Dan asserts, "The vibe between all the guys is super positive, and all involved are eager and excited to create something special together…LPC is gonna be killer."

"The energy in the room has been nothing short of ethereal." comments J. Costa. "The chemistry between the five of us is intense and very groove-ladden."

Corey concludes, "I think after the band I was previously a part of and the music we made, I could not think of a better bunch of guys to get together and create music with. After a couple years of buzzed and up buzzed conversations, and some great idea exchanges with crazy dudes, we will now have some ultimate heavy grooves from Lead Pipe Cruelty. LPC!"

We've already liked their Facebook, and you should too. We'll keep you posted when the band releases some tunes. Until then, expect grooves.

[via Lambgoat]

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