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Catholics Are Offended By GHOST Themed Kuma Burger

Posted by on October 3, 2013 at 2:45 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

I've been meaning to make a trip down to Chicago just so I go to the world-famous metal themed burger joint, Kuma’s Corner. I want to try all the burgers! Now, I have even more incentive; their newest burger, inspired by one of my favorite bands, Ghost, has offended some Catholics. 

Look at that burger! It looks so good, and it features a ten ounce patty, slow braised goat shoulder, aged white cheddar, ghost chile aioli , a red wine reduction and a communion wafer garnish. Guess what part of the burger offends the Catholics?

Yup, the silly wafer garnish! The Chicago Tribune interviewed Kuma's Director of Operations, Luke Tobias who had this to say:

“People have been kind of upset,” he said. “The thing with this is, the communion wafer is unconsecrated, so until that happens, it’s really just a cracker.”

Catholics offended by symobilism? Quite shocking. Naturally, the Tribune interviewed a Catholic, but not just any Catholic, they interviewed Jeff Young, producer of the Catholic Foodie blog. Yes, a blog where you can love Christ and be a snob about food. Needless to say, Jeff is upset:

“It’s not the Eucharist, but it’s still symbolic,” Young said. “For us as Catholics, the Eucharist is more than a symbol, it’s a sacrament. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that symbols aren’t important. … It is a mockery of something that is holy. The same thing could be said of the band itself.”

Well, thanks Jeff. You just gave metal and Kuma's Corner a whole ton of publicity over your silly outrage. And, you might've given your crappy blog some pub too, but we aren't going to link to it here. Kuma's Luke Tobias puts things in perspective at the end of the piece:

“It’s not a commentary on the state of religion or anything like that. It’s literally, ‘We like this band; we think what they do is cool.’”


[h/t Metal Insider]

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