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COC Side Project TEENAGE TIME KILLER Project Now Includes Members of SLIPKNOT, DEAD KENNEDYS, SUNN O)))

Posted by on February 13, 2014 at 1:58 pm

To recap, back in September of 2013 Lamb of God vocalist Randall Blythe and both bassist Mike Dean and singer/drummer Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity announced they'd be starting up a new project called Teenage Time Killer. They rattled off a few names of guest artists, said they were done with the recording of the album over at Dave Grohl's studio and everyone got excited just as they should. Apparently the list they rattled off wasn't even the friggin' half of it. Are you ready for this? Keep in mind this includes Grohl, Blythe, Dean and Mullin, but re-lists all the guests. Thanks to Wookubus over at The PRP for the list, too!

  • Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)
  • Neil Fallon (Clutch)
  • Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)
  • Lee Ving (Fear)
  • Tommy Victor (Prong)
  • Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss)
  • Aaron Beam (Red Fang)
  • Pete Stahl (ScreamGoatsnake)
  • Greg Anderson (SUNN O))), Goatsnake)
  • Karl Agell (ex-Corrosion Of Conformity)
  • Tairrie B Murphy (My Ruin)
  • Mick Murphy (My Ruin)
  • Vic Bondi (Articles Of Faith)
  • Clifford Dinsmore (BL’AST!)
  • Pat Hoed (Brujeria)

Then there's the guests that were mentioned before but not included in this list, so we're not sure what their statuses are in the project.

  • Max Cavalera (Soulfly)
  • Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan)
  • Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (The Misfits)
  • Keith Morris (Black Flag, etc.)
  • Phil Rind (Sacred Reich)

The PRP also makes mention of the album being mixed this week, will be 21 songs and is titled Corinthians. Holy crap! I am so, so looking forward to this!

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