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BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS lose drummer

Posted on January 4, 2009

Behold… The Arctopus Live at Maryland Deathfest VI performing Alcoholocaust

Woah! Looks like we missed this over the weekend, but looks like BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS drummer Charlie Zeleny is leaving to focus on session work (aka making that cheddah). Its understandable, as Charlie seems to be in-demand for session work and the band isn't exactly going gold any time soon. Still this is a sad day for tech-metal fiends. Hopefully the band will find somebody up to the task. The official press release reads:

Drummer Charlie Zeleny has parted ways with band Behold… The Arctopus. In a statement from his website, Charlie says, "It's been 5+ years of crazy music, amazing fans and good times, but it's definitely time for us to part ways. These days I've been really into developing my career as a session drummer live and in the studio and as a drum solo artist. I'm also very excited to be working on some new projects with Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater and Terry Bozzio for the Drum Channel. I am really excited to focus more on my own online drum tracking business for artists all around the world which has already included Rudess, Blotted Science and Suspyre too. I wish the band the best of luck continuing on in the future without me and look forward to reconnecting with Arctopus fans on tour with other artists and bands soon, so stay tuned!"

Zeleny has been on all of Behold… The Arctopus' previous releases up through the "Skullgrid" album and is also the drummer on the critically acclaimed 2007 release by Blotted Science entitled "The Machinations of Demetia." He has also been a session drummer for Jordan Rudess, The Great Kat, Kayo Dot and on many pop, rock and jazz sessions on tour and in NYC."

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