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GUNS N ROSES Selling $2,500 VIP "Experience" Which Does NOT Include Meeting The Band

Posted by on January 25, 2016 at 1:54 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

A few weeks back, we gave Tool a bunch of shit for charging $500 for a VIP experience where you get to meet one of the band members. Based on what Guns N Roses is trying to pull off, Tool come off as generous business men.

Guns N Roses announced a VIP experience package for their two upcoming Vegas shows, which sets you back $2,500 dollars and includes:

  • One ticket in the first 10 rows of seating, guaranteed (more on this below)
  • "Essential Guns N' Roses VIP Gift Bag," including special merchandise and a commemorative VIP laminate and matching lanyard.
  • A signed, numbered, limited edition poster
  • A photo on stage before the show
  • A backstage tour
  • Pre-show cocktails
  • Access to a VIP hospitality lounge
  • A dinner buffet and drinks
  • Various prizes, ability to shop for more merch and other "perks."

You'll notice one glaring omission from the VIP package… the opportunity to actually meet any of these guys. Because, how dare you expect to meet your idols after forking over $2,500 to see them? Much like this whole GNR reunion debacle, it's amazing how overpriced this whole thing is.

But it gets even better. MetalSucks points out the first 10 rows of seating are actually behind the General Admission pit:


So, sure, you'll get to sit down, but you'll be behind where all the action is. MetalSucks also points out the GA tickets, which cost about $600, would be a much better value BECAUSE YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE BAND UP CLOSE. Something that forking $2500 will not get you at all.

I would link you to the VIP experience page, but in the interest of looking out for your finances, I will avoid doing so.

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