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TURISAS Frontman discusses Turisas2013

Posted by on October 4, 2013 at 3:40 pm

Mathias "Warlord" Nygard from Turisas was recently interviewed about Turisas2013 for a Chicago-area metal show. Warlord talks about the band's fourth album, how it differs from some of their older material, how their fans have accepted the new material, and more!

This is the second time I've interviewed Mathias, and as you will hear he certainly didn't lack things to talk about. Warlord goes into great detail about Turisas' fourth album, the recently released Turisas2013. According to Mathias, Turisas2013 is “not really looking at too much of what we've done in the past, not even being too concerned about what we want to do in the future or where we want to go.” “It's written and recorded, obviously, by the line-up we had and have now and as the people we are today and in the world as it is today.” I think this speaks greatly to what the album is all about, something made by the band as they are today, not who they were seven years ago or where they will be seven years from now. Turisas didn't want to repeat themselves, explains Warlord, having found themselves in a position to create something new after having spent nearly seven years working on the concept began in The Varangian Way.

Mathias also goes on to talk about his role in the official video for "Ten More Miles," which allowed him to take a step back and join the ranks, allowing director Jukka Salo to take command. There is a lot to hear from Warlord in this interview, and I hope you enjoy hearing from the man himself about who Turisas is today.

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