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TOOL's Adam Jones Shares Raw Solo, Wishes ISIS (The Band) Would Get Back Together

Posted by on May 9, 2017 at 1:44 pm

Back in June 2016, Aaron Turner said in an interview that he really doesn't have any interest in revisiting the past by reuniting Isis, which is a bummer. Isis hasn't been around since 2010, and has really only made headlines since because of its unfortunate name, or because its members have moved on with other bands, namely Sumac and Palms.

The last album Isis put out was Wavering Radiant in 2009, which featured a guest solo from Tool guitarist Adam Jones. Jones recently posted the unedited audio of his guitar solo from "Hall Of The Dead," and states he wishes they'd get back together.

~ Found this AIF* from 2009 • The band formally known as 'Isis' ask me to play a lead on the track 'Hall of the Dead' from the album 'Wavering Radiant' • The Recording is just the raw tracks I did for producer Evil Joe Barresi • i did two passes and split them left & right in the speakers. (Try Headphones…) • I was suppose to stop when the vocals came back in but i figured id keep going to give Joe possible mixing options. • Great project. • Hope those guys get back together someday ❤️

Us too, Adam. Us too.

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