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New JUNIUS Is Coming And It Sounds Absolutely Apocalyptic

Posted by on January 20, 2016 at 10:14 am

Junius seems to operate on a very strict schedule of doing whatever it wants whenever it feels like it, and when it does feel like doing something it'll let you know. The last we heard from the group was the gargantuan, end-of-times-themed EP Days of The Fallen Sun in 2014. Beyond that, the last LP we got from the group was Reports From the Threshold of Death in 2011. So isn't it time we got a new classic from Junius?

In short, yes! The band will be hitting the studio soon(ish) and is teasing a new song that, once again, sounds like it's the soundtrack to the apocalypse. How is this band so damn good?!

Studio time booked. New Junius coming.

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