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Listen to this F#*%ing Band: HEAVY BREATH

Posted by on August 24, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Who the fuck are Heavy Breath? A band who understands the lure of a meaty schlong. (Which is probably why you're reading this article right now) Cover art aside, there are many reasons to give the Connecticut quartet a good listen. With so much regurgitated, heard-it-before bullshit flooding the various underground scenes, (metalcore/deathcore) its all the more stimulating when a progressive discovery is made. Heavy Breath is not only progressive, but so well-thought out that their progression and originality flow as simply as the most cliche Top 40 hit.

Heavy Breath's newest effort is entitled Ugly AmericansFor an EP that doesn't even scrape 15 minutes, Ugly Americans is a plumper of a record. Within those minutes, an incredible amount of influence is present. Bands such as Refused, Trap Them, Black Sabbath, Converge, 108 and the obscure New Haven hardcore outfit Blue Rose Liar all seem to be interwoven into Heavy Breath's style. Vocalist Kilian Appleby keeps the listener focused with his sharp style changes and poetic lyricism, while the rest of the band keeps their foundation steady with powerful new-school hardcore riffs.

What may be the most impressive aspect of their EP can be explained most effectively within their own track, "Enter the Void."

Under the same head we're all connected.

Metal bands have been using samples from movies, TV, news etc for at least 30 years, (Iron Maiden and Carcass being notable examples) and overuse or unnecessary use of such samples can be the #1 cause of douche-chills when listening to a band… such as Blessthefall using "Spartans, prepare for glory!" in their live show… ughhhhh. In Ugly Americans however, the samples Heavy Breath use to connect each of the 5 tracks are placed and mixed in a way where you will be mentally demanding the band to keep their foot off the brake, which is exactly what they do. The connectivity of Heavy Breath is what proves them to be not just some local act, but a sleeping giant waiting to be discovered. So pretty please, with sugar on top… Listen to this F#*%ing Band.