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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: DEPHOSPHORUS Impossible Orbits Is Otherworldly Astrogrind

Posted by on June 19, 2017 at 4:24 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with DephosphorusImpossible Orbits.

Athens, Greece self-proclaimed “astrogrind”-ers have been punching out albums for a while now. Hell, they’ve even done a split with the mighty Wake as well as Great Falls. And I feel weird not having heard of them before, because this is some quality weirdo grind. Astrogrind is the right term. This stuff sounds otherworldly while also being like a meteor to the face (to borrow a song title from Wormrot).

Impossible Orbits sounds like it was written and recorded from inside a crashing space station. As opener “Above the Threshold” kicks in with some skipping high-pitched frequency, then Dephorsphorus slams into action. It’s brutal and straight-forward, with a heavy punk vibe. A closer listen and you’ll hear a soft echoing hum in the background, setting the ambiance for the song. And even as it progresses, the band gets funky with the riffs, adding a tech-ish, progg-ish flavor to it all.

Really, in one song Dephosphorus kinda show you what they’re all about. But they’re still different from that. Immediately following, “Micro-Aeons of Torment” aims for the straight forward. Not fast, but drawn out. The guitar lead and killer drums fall into a steady drive. But then the song picks up steam, and the drumming starts to get a little crazier. And then the band go full grind and crush some skulls. It’s one building moment after another that blasts like lightning.

So where does the “astrogrind” thing fit in? Why even bother to coin such a term? There is a space-y, otherworldly, extradimensional feel to the band. Like there’s some sort of space opera being woven within our ears. It’s not psychedelic thing though. After you hear it, it makes sense, but on paper it’s difficult to describe. Dephosphorus weave some intricate and incredible tracks.

Impossible Orbits is Dephosphorus’ third album and savage beast at that. While clocking in at only twenty-five-minutes, the tracks are packed without feeling bloated. It’s some great grind, and something that’s not as concerned with blasting as hard as possible. Oh, they’re put you through a garbage disposal at times, but at others they’ll constrict your veins and be content with having you by the throat. This is next level grind.

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