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Full Album Stream, Tech-Death Tuesday

Tech-Death Tuesday: Let DEVIANT PROCESS Show You On Paroxysm Why Canadian Tech-Death Is The Best

Posted by on March 1, 2016 at 4:38 pm

Hey there tech-fiends! It's always good to write that, because it means good things will follow shortly after it. Maybe that's my inner geek ramping up the excitement I feel when writing this column and exposing new talent. A lot of people seemed to be very impressed by the early Spheron stream that last week's edition consisted of. So I'm trying to keep the flow of exclusive new tunes found only in this column going. Which means today's edition consists of an exclusive early stream of Paroxysm, the debut full-length by Canadian tech-death freakazoids Deviant Process.  But before I delve further into discussing Paroxysm, if you want to check out prior installments to this series you can do so here.

I first heard Deviant Process in 2012, just catching up by a year to their initial 2011 release, Narcissistic Rage. Which was a fantastic two song introduction to the band's uniquely prog oriented and maddeningly complex style of technical death metal. Both of those songs appear here on Paroxysm, and deservedly so. If you ever got into Quo Vadis or Augury, you'll know exactly the kind of technical death metal I'm describing when I compare Deviant Process to both of those bands. And vice versa, why those comparisons make sense. Paroxysm is epic music at all times, it's heavily melodic stuff but uniquely so,  and the band's prog influenced songwriting is truly dynamic and powerful stuff to hear unfold. As a group, they play with a spellbinding interplay that never ceases to amaze me. Having heard far more of the full spectrum of technical death metal ever released than most, I'm very confident when I say this is some next level technical death metal. Few tech-death bands can match up to the sheer density and enormity of the songs that Deviant Process write. This is truly a record loaded endlessly with holy fuck moments. So hit play below and delve into the mind-blowing experience that Paroxysm delivers in spades. If you like what you hear below, Paroxysm officially comes out next Friday, March 11th through PRC Music Records. And can be ordered from their label here.

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