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Hardcore Punk Meets Black Metal On The New MORAL VOID Album, Deprive

Posted by on August 11, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Chicago natives Moral Void blew me away a few weeks ago when their stunning new record Deprive hit my inbox courtesy of Translations Loss Records. Their unique brand of crusty blackened hardcore had me hooked from the get go with the more energetic and hard hitting tracks perfectly balancing out some of the longer and more devastating ones.

This is the sort of band who understand the wonderfully fucked up and oblique nature of this genre. There is a sense of esoteric annihilation that dominates the music as it careens across your eardrums and guides you into the weird and demented pastures that define their sound. Moral Void understand how to use black metal to accentuate their twisted tracks and it's easy to get into their high powered riffs and oodles of distortion that drown the listener in glorious volume. Deprive is a record that pushes boundaries and reminds us why we fucked up our lives for this music in the first place.

The band had this to say:

With finally having a more developed collection of songs beyond our previous releases, we're hoping this record will reach a wider audience. As we continue to expand our catalog of music, the aim is for future works to be even more diverse, aggressive, and punishing. This album has been long in the making, so to finally witness the culmination of a few years work and to be able to grip the physical result is rewarding. We will also continue to play as many shows as possible along the way. Be it a venue filled with shadows or a cold half empty basement, we will withhold nothing.

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