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BABYMETAL Interview Proves This Is All Just One Giant Marketing Plan

Posted by on May 29, 2012 at 1:10 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

We've showed you BabyMetal before, the Japanese young girl group that mixes "idol pop" with "death metal" parts that will leave you going WHAT – THE – FUCK! Well, Patrick Macias of the "Otaku-Verse-Zero" webshow got a chance to interview both the young girls in the band and the producer behind BabyMetal and it makes me hate this whole project even more. When interviewing the girls, who don't speak English and respond in Japanese, their answers seem so carefully constructed, as if, gasp, they were told what to say! They said their favorite metal band was Cannibal Corpse (followed by a giggle). I bet any money that they've never heard a lick of Cannibal Corpse in their short lives. What are the child labor laws in Japan? Why does this still exist? WHY DOES THE WORLD NEED BABYMETAL? MAKE IT STOP! [via Blabbermouth]

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