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That Black Metal METALLICA Video Was Actually A Preview of the Lords of Chaos Film

Posted by on November 17, 2016 at 3:20 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

For the last day, Metallica was on a run of releasing a new music video every two hours. One of the videos, for the track "ManUNKind," was directed by renowned video director and former Bathory drummer Jonas Aukerland. We noticed a lot of similarities to Mayhem. It almost seemed like a sign of things to come with Aukerland's upcoming Lord of Chaos film, which tells the story of Mayhem.

Turns out, that's exactly what the video was. The performers are all the actors who will be playing Mayhem in the upcoming film. According to a press release we recieved late last night:

“ManUNkind” is the exclusive first-look at the characters of Lords of Chaos, which is currently in production.

Åkerlund’s Lords of Chaos is the story of MAYHEM, a young Norwegian band that popularized a form of heavy metal music known as “True Norwegian Black Metal” with a flair for publicity, church-burning, and even murder. The film stars Rory Culkin as ‘Euronymous,’ Emory Cohen as ‘Varg,’ Jack Kilmer as ‘Dead,’ Valter Skarsgård as ‘Faust,’ and Sky Ferreira as ‘Ann-Marit.’

If this is a preview, I have to say, it looks really good. Even though Fenriz has his reservations about the film, I'm still willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

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  • Desmond

    It's not Valter Skarsgard, it's Anthony de la Torre.

  • stuff & things

    this movie should never be made.

    • Siniša Somberlain Tošić

      Why do you think so?

      • Louis

        Because he is sooo true and kvlt, obviously. People like this like to still pretend it's 1993 and black metal is still a niche underground thing. They tend to forget Mayhem won a GRAMMY ffs.

        • mastema

          you do understand this movie is supposed to be a depiction of these times you are talking about. kys.

        • HopkinsWFG

          The "Mayhem" that won a grammy is 1000000000 light years removed from the subject of this film.

        • Jamba Bamba

          Are you trolling or just stupid?

    • Honestly this whole "UUUH I LIEK TR00 KVLT BLAG MEDAL BECUZ IS UNDERGRAUND" shit is fucking stupid.

      • Maha Kali

        You are fucking stupid. Some things are not made for mass consumption unless they are watered down to make it accessible for everybody because in the process it looses that something that makes it interesting in the first place. You just cannot capture it without destroying it. Like you cannot accurately measure particle's velocity and its location at the same time, sort of.

        • Honestly, with metal being constantly assraped by the media, shouldn't we be desensitized to it?

      • Louis Cachet

        I don't need much to see that you're a millenial kid, with your Internet slang and stupid anime pic. Go back to you manga Dvds, you fucking pussy.

        • Good comeback. Instead of making an argument with actual substance, you just go with the "UHH KYS WEEABOO DVD MANGA DESU" route.

        • Also "Manga DVDs" is the best thing I've heard. Thank you good sir.

    • gettinjiggy

      Indeed. It will do nothing but push the stereotypes and throw more mud on Varg

  • Hanzel_II

    Oh God no…..

    btw the guy they chose to play Euronymous should be more Eurasian looking as he was a lap not a caucasian Norwegian.

    • Tom Infinit

      yes, and the guy who plays skinny young Grishnackh should have sticky-out ears, and a bit of rabbit overbite. but you can´t always go realistic in Hollywood.

      • Hanzel_II

        They chose a jew to play Varg. This tells me more of their willingness to tell the story they want.

  • fucker

    Fucking posers will try to be black metal. Fuck that metallica shit and that shitty film

  • Matt M.

    I honestly love the idea of this movie being made, I even toyed with my own script on it once, but if the Metallica video is how it is going to look and feel cinematically, then this is terrible. It resembled a bad high school production with absolutely no soul. Frankly, I think thus far, it is making the genre look silly.

    • Old Crime

      The genre is silly.

      • Matt M.

        Yes and no. I actually did have it cross my mind that I was defending a genre where grown men paint their faces and sing about Satan and all that against being silly, but musically the genre deserves a better image that what is being presented here. This movie looks like a stereotype parody of itself.

    • The Death of Music

      To me it looks like something they just threw together while shooting because Metallica's PR came up to the set and said "look I know you just started filming but we wanna have a music video by you guys and it's gotta meet this deadline". If I remember correctly, the casting only got finished very recently.

      • Matt M.

        I hope so, because I really want the movie to be great and moody. Kinda the black metal equivalent of Straight Outta Compton.

  • Tom Infinit

    "If this is a preview, I have to say, it looks really good."
    ??? by what fucking standards? even if we don´t take any bit of Black metal into account, this is totally crap, horribly bad actors where "shit, how I have to move or look" screams at you at every second, totally average featureless visual approach, no style, cheap blown up bubble around a "shocking theme".

  • omertaashes

    I liked it better when I thought it was just a weird Metallica video.

    • Federico Boss

      I totally agree man!

  • Diana

    I like the idea of a Cohen playing varg.

  • Federico Boss

    This was a very bad move…

  • Marbas

    In the words of Necrobutcher at Wacken, "Fuck You!"

  • HopkinsWFG

    It looks really good? What? How can one be a fan of classic Mayhem and watch this without cringing the whole time?

    …I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Hayne Pearish

    I couldn't give a shit less about Metallica, but I can't fucking wait for this movie. Dead has always kind of fascinated me.

  • flip

    SO FUCKING FAKE!! It's not about looking good, it's about pain, disgust. SO FUCKING FAKE!! Leave it.

  • Old Crime

    Questionable cross promotion. I just hope this song isn't part of the film soundtrack.

  • Rachael Kozak
  • David Oliva Kronholm Jørgensen

    Sarcófago, you motherfuckers!!!!

  • The Death of Music

    Who's playing Necrobutcher?

    • Should be Nicolas Cage. They're practically the same person.

  • Dead would be proud.
    Wow. What a great tribute.
    Metallica RULES

    • Anonymous

      jajajaja. That is not a tribute, it's bullshit. That Doesn't look like black metal