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There's Gloom and Doom While NOVEMBRE Goes Boom on "Annoluce"

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April first saw Ursa, the first new Novembre record in nine years, and it is a melodic doom doozy. Now, the Italian duo is giving Metal Injection the honor of bringing you all the first video from the new record, "Annoluce." The video features a guitar solo by Anders Nystrom from Katatonia/Bloodbath, a bunch of weird demon dudes, and a wandering redhead that looks a lot like the bear cradling woman from the Ursa album cover. So really, what more could you want?

I suppose, my one complaint is that the video needs more bears. Gripe aside, it's a neat and spooky ride. Main man Carmelo Orlando had this to say about the video:

"ANNOLUCE is URSA’s most immediate track. The main riff came out off a medieval Germanic-Hebrew folk song and we made sure it permeated the fabric of our time. We entrusted its video to the visionary talent of director Martina McLean which created an animalist fairy-tale which so accurately mirrors the soul of our album. The talent of Anders Nyström of Doom/Goth masters Katatonia graced us with a performance that made this short film already a classic."

Give it a gander below and pick up Ursa now via Peaceville Records.

Posted by on May 9, 2016 at 11:50 am

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