Album Review: FIT FOR A KING Deathgrip

Posted by | October 12, 2016

All in all Deathgrip is a solid release. It's the same style of music that Fit For A King has been writing for half of a decade now but better. The breakdowns, the riffs, the drumming, the clean vocals to the entire feel of the whole record is a great example of how metalcore is still alive and well in 2016.

| October 12, 2016

Album Review: BRUJERIA Pocho Aztlan

Posted by | September 28, 2016

It’s been almost sixteen years to the month since Brujeria has delivered product to the masses. That’s awhile for cartel boys to be out of the game and leaves the floor with plenty of room for someone to take over. But no one ever did. Maybe it’s a matter of respect when you’re dealing with machete wielding gangsters with a taste for cocaine, anarchy and throwing real beheadings onto album covers.

| September 28, 2016