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METALLICA Play New Song "Moth Into Flame" Live For the First Time At Intimate NYC Show

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Metallica absolutely ripped their surprise intimate New York City gig at the 2,000-cap Webster Hall and performed their brand new single they released yesterday, "Moth Into Flame," live for the first time. They killed it. Check out the official music video for the track here.

Pre-order the deluxe edition of Metallica's new album, Hardwired To Self Destruct on Amazon.com for only $12.62.

Posted by Metal Injection on September 27, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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  • Olmtrynet

    fuck yeah

  • Eduardo Robles Coello

    damn, right before the last part they fucked up lol

    • Elizabethgcole1

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  • jonru
  • Nick Isoldi

    Look at all those twats with their phones out over the crowd… i hate modern shows. Put your phones away and enjoy yourselves assholes.

    • Lord Slothrop

      I could not agree more. The ubiquitous use of cell phones at concerts has killed the experience for me.

      • Chubbs Mcfinkley

        You two are my kinda people. It's hard to vibe out and really go with the flow when you see nothing but screens around you. Not everything needs to be documented. If the show was great and you express it via word of mouth it adds an excitement to the person you're telling it to. It's rare to even experience that talk these days. People just whip the mini television out and spoil it.

        • Lord Slothrop

          I was at an Opeth show a couple of years ago, and these two assholes in front of me were on their phones for 75% of the show, looking at Facebook, texting etc. It was very frustrating and distracting.

          • Chubbs Mcfinkley

            I feel for you. Opeth is phenomenal live. Snapping the quick pic, cool. But if the phone is out half the show then get in the fucking back. Some people would say we're intolerant. I say we like the world better without seeing it through a screen.

  • Kerry King

    Honestly, the more I hear this song the more it grows on me. This track kills.

  • Anthony

    It's better to preorder the album from Metallica directly. I got the delux version and they give you every single they release as a free download when the single is released.

  • Gorgalrl

    It does kick ass live, but Lars' nonexistant double bass will never cease to annoy me. If you can't play it, don't record it.

  • Beelzebubba

    I enjoy Metallica so much more when I don't have to look at Lars overacting.