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Lemmy's Timeless Advice To A Black Kid Whose Family Doesn't Respect His Metal Tastes Still Holds Up Today

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There was a scene in the Lemmy documentary that made me really uncomfortable. It was the part where Lemmy shows of his WWII/nazi memorabilia collection. The dude was all about it. This led to some speculation about Lemmy's personal beliefs, but if anything – this old "Ask Lemmy" clip shows that Lemmy couldn't be further from a racist.

His advice about your friends and family accepting your metal tastes can be applied to a person of any race or gender. If somebody doesn't like your interests and are mocking you for them, fuck 'em and find others to hang with.

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[via Shreddit]

Posted by Metal Injection on July 11, 2017 at 3:25 pm

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