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HUSBANDRY Releases New Explosive Track "Elder Spencer Deery"

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Brooklyn's own Husbandry have broken the silence with the release of their first new track, "Elder Spencer Deery", off the upcoming album, Bad Weeds Never Die. The album will be available on December 1st via Aqualamb Records, and you can pre-order it right here!

Vocalist Carina Zachary comments on the song:

“Lyrically, this song is coming from an observational standpoint. I was exposed to different religions throughout my childhood, by way of my family's interests and my own existentialism. It's always fascinated me how faith and religious beliefs can be such a powerful force in people's lives. One of my last experiences involved the Mormon church, when I was in my teens.

Almost every line in this song pertains to things I directly observed or experienced. For example,the first line “Come 'fore the great sun (son) rises…” connects to the youth of the church (myself included), having to get up early (before the sun even rose) to attend religious morning classes daily, before heading to actual school.

Personally, I found the religion full of plot holes and focused on self restraint, though many twisted things were happening amongst the people of the community itself. It’s a song about delusion and the hypocrisy of religion. It wasn't a sustainable way of life for me. But I don't look back on that time with resentment or knock anyone who finds comfort in its teachings.”

If you're in the NY area, you can catch the band live for their release show at Brooklyn Bazaar on November 30th. Check the Facebook event for details.

Posted by Metal Injection on November 17, 2017 at 6:37 pm

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